From the Heart

Touch my heart through my word
i only know what I've been through



Rest in peace to the girl they call Kia
It’s time for her to go
No one knows where

Even the deepest of deep emotions are ruptured everyone fragile if their hit in the right spot

My achilles heel was my heart
It parish I’ve been beaten broken and tore apart and pick myself up every time

Ain’t no use in crying when pain comes naturally like a magnet
Scrapped pieces of lost emotion floating in a sea of defeat

I raised my white flag
My passion was deep from the north pole ending on Jupiter. RIP to that girl they called Kia

My imperfection became me and my identity deflated like a popped ballon gone and never to return

All because her heart was broken for the last time and if she shall be found heartless she’ll return because in the end what’s love got to do with it