From the Heart

Touch my heart through my word
i only know what I've been through
Earlier today lol 😍🏀 (Taken with Instagram)

Earlier today lol 😍🏀 (Taken with Instagram)

Question 1

I don’t know why people ask for honesty smh

BUT WAITTTTT this can’t be ShoutOuts to Team Prince 🏀 (Taken with instagram)

BUT WAITTTTT this can’t be ShoutOuts to Team Prince 🏀 (Taken with instagram)

I have a theory one like no other, one others may not understand or disagree but its just a theory. Ok. I believe there’s moment in life where you can only be relieved by someone else. Moment where you just can not pick yourself up. My theory also is connect to self-protection; the way people guard there feelings. Many people say you have to worry about yourself but yet we don’t we worry about everyone else. Is it really possible to really worry about oneself, what if you have children and a wife/husband. People may do hurtful things but they also are people who get hurt. Forgiveness in this world is big because your entitled to mistakes and if you can’t forgive who will forgive you. Now, back to my theory problems like heartbreak and death are problems no one will get over alone and if the claim to then they most likely need the biggest hug. It’s hard to be human and maybe only 10% of the world may have it easy but it doesn’t excuse selfness. Helping others will help you think about it like this if you was to watch someone get beat up by ten others would you help? Now if is was you would you liked to be helped? I’m not saying we shouldn’t look out for each other but it maybe even easy if we helped and picked people up. My theory has taken me time to piece together and needs more additional information but it’s solid.



Rest in peace to the girl they call Kia
It’s time for her to go
No one knows where

Even the deepest of deep emotions are ruptured everyone fragile if their hit in the right spot

My achilles heel was my heart
It parish I’ve been beaten broken and tore apart and pick myself up every time

Ain’t no use in crying when pain comes naturally like a magnet
Scrapped pieces of lost emotion floating in a sea of defeat

I raised my white flag
My passion was deep from the north pole ending on Jupiter. RIP to that girl they called Kia

My imperfection became me and my identity deflated like a popped ballon gone and never to return

All because her heart was broken for the last time and if she shall be found heartless she’ll return because in the end what’s love got to do with it

Missing you

I miss you like crazy, I can’t take it that fact that we are far in distance but our hearts are so close emotionally. Why? I need to know I’m innocent and I have to suffer because someone lied to you. I thought we had something real. The fact that you took back what you said about loving me hurt the most because I may fall quick but I fall hard. What’s the point in catching me if you were only going to let me go? I love you and wish things were different but what can I say I’m in this alone. Wish you the best I know I miss you like hell

Humble yourself

Just because you unexpectedly fall in love doesn’t make it wrong and doesn’t mean it can’t last forever. Most likely it will 😌

Humble Yourself. 😉 Don’t think your too god for anyone because that’s just means everyone is too god for you

TJ 

I miss everything about you. The faces you make when you mad. How you smile when I’m being silly. The way you struggle to tell me your feelings. The fact that we could talk about anything. The amount of time we spent together. The fact that I’m only sad when we’re apart. They way you say you love me. Funny we never argued, laying on your chest as we watched a movie. The way you enjoy the food I made you. How your eyes sparkled the day i left for school. I miss it all never thought I would but I do. I guess forever means until your through. I made a promise to love you and I will but I can’t do it from this distance. I wish I had the heart to tell you how I felt but to be rejected I can’t deal with it. I still believe we belong together just hope you realize it sooner then later.

I will love you till my last breathe


Up in the air

Oh Brother (Taken with instagram)

Oh Brother (Taken with instagram)